the sensory experiment


This speculative design project was made in response to the City of Sydney's City's Public Art Program. The project was embodied in a travelling poster and proposal which outlined all of the aspects, including real budgeting and maintenance. The proposal will be adapted in 2016 to be properly delivered to the City of Sydney. 

Sydney has the potential to become a hub of art, interactive design and creativity. With the inclusion of The Sensory Experiment in the City’s Public Art program residents, businesses and passersby will have the ability to explore unexpected places and leave with unexpected outcomes. Art has the capacity to infuse an energy into a place and transfer that energy to people. By experimenting with the ‘phenomenal’ participants take away a memory of an intangible feeling, something that cannot be replicated easily. These moments are highly valuable as they set up a platform from which people can gain insight about themselves, their lives and their relationships. The experience can transcend cultural and social understandings and bring people to think about basic, intrinsic truths.

The piece comes to highlight how integral our senses are to the human experience, thought and emotion. Outside the room the Enso drawings will come together to create one piece, a community of singular moments. The act of pinning up the Enso for the public to see conveys the notion that despite our singular experience we still share our experience of Life. We are not as alone as we think we are. This aspect of the installation celebrates the community and the cultural history of Chinatown in recognising that “Within the four seas all men are brothers.” The thinking behind the installation is embedded with Eastern values, thus it’s location in Chinatown is beyond appropriate. The work will assist in creating a positive experience for the neighbourhood as it is universally accessible and the audience will gain calmness and a renewed perspective. Some participants will also engage with the surrounding community as they come to visit with the design piece. They will come to appreciate the moment of stillness and wonder within the urban environment. 

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