baggage: an exhibition of beauty & carnage


‘Baggage’ is a speculative exhibition that could occur in Sydney. It is a poetic, material investigation of plastic bags which uses their delicacy and visceral aspects to contrast with the harsh and scary truths about them. With a wide array of work from international artists, the exhibition educates and inspires audiences to refuse plastic bags and go reusable.

The Baggage exhibition catalogue empowers audiences with information about removing themselves from the cycle of plastic bag use. The ‘Baggage Guide to Being Plastic Bag Free’ delves into the future of plastic, the biodegradable bag issue and even has a list of environmentally friendly shops. Baggage is the exhibition that will change the way people perceive plastic bags for a more sustainable future. 

The Baggage exhibition catalogue will be made available for purchase in early 2016. 

Click here to read the Baggage Guide to Being Plastic Bag Free.